David Tough, Kerry Dickinson & Kim Murray

At Woods, we are protecting our planet and our children’s future through our passion for providing a sustainable pathway for generations to come.

We truly believe that everyone needs to contribute to creating a more sustainable world. Protecting the environment is not just a process within our business, it’s a way of life. We consider the environmental impact through every part of our business, from renewable energy to harvesting rainwater, partnering with suppliers that share the same values, recycling and waste minimisation.
Our passion for the history of the First Peoples of Australia has led to introducing Indigenous artwork into our products. From soft furnishings to tables and storage units, incorporating Indigenous artwork into school furniture assists our children in deepening their knowledge of the world’s oldest continuous living cultures.

People will always come first at Woods, whether it be our staff, customers, the children that use our furniture, suppliers, or the wider community.

In addition to recognising our Corporate Social Responsibility, operating ethically and with integrity, we are Australia’s number one designer and manufacturer of high-quality school furniture.

Let’s protect our planet and our children together!