Dear Colleagues

I extend a warm welcome to the 2018 school year. I certainly appreciate that the school year began with some significant challenges but I hope that the time ahead will be exciting and energising as you engage with your respective communities. I extend a special welcome to those new to principalship and encourage members to make an extra effort to support your endeavours.

We hope that the new initiative from the CPPA will lighten the load for our new principals and that the support offered will be of great assistance in your context. For the transferring principals, I wish you every success as you adapt to your new circumstances.

The role of President of our Association is certainly never dull during this significant time of change. I thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as the CPPA Executive capture the needs and concerns of Catholic Primary Principals. I wish to reassure all our members that your Executive is committed to ensuring the ‘voice of the Primary Principal’ is a priority in all our discussions.

The CPPA Executive is an undertaking of commitment and service. I welcome our new members Annette Quirk, Mark Marando and Sandro Coniglio. I sincerely thank Lyla Forte and Carmel Costin, who have been co-opted from their regions, to ensure the voice of all Principals are heard at Executive meetings. I thank our retired Executive members Darryl Windsor, Steve Versteegan, Greg Wyss and Chris Dunning for their advocacy for the Association and passion in representing the views of principals on many work parties.

Our Executive of 2018 is comprised of fellow principals who are generous both with their time and their expertise, mindfully supporting the Association’s Four Guiding Principles, and I thank them for their support.

In our recent planning days the Executive worked on developing correspondence for the Executive Director explaining the impact of Leading Lights, Deloitte’s Financial Audit and Risk and Audit compliance requirements. This was in response to the significant feedback we had received from all regions. This correspondence was welcomed by Dr Debra Sayce and her response to coordinate a discussion with the key stakeholders in CEWA, was greatly appreciated, by CPPA Executive. Our Executive Director liaised with me following the meeting and stated:

“ I really appreciated the meeting and am very hopeful that our journey this year is one of engagement, transparency and good communication.”

Debra has shared the minutes of our meeting with teams within CEWA with specific content related to their work. A copy of the minutes from this meeting accompanies this correspondence.

  1. The CPPA FOCUS for this year is as follows:
    Bring Catholic Identity to life during challenging times.
    2. Investigate and provide strategies to support Principals in workplace matters related to Systemic
    3. Review CPPA constitution as per the requirements from the Australian Taxation Office.
    4. Development of a process to support early career principals.
    5. Engaging CPPA members:

– Attendance at Regional Meetings.

  • Solution focus meetings.
  • Transparency with executive monthly meetings via regional meeting minutes and CPPA website.
  • Attendance at Members Day in the sharing of the Executives’ work in achieving identified objectives.

Our regional meetings constitute important forums in which to address matters of interest and concern. Executive representatives have the opportunity to share at those meetings the current work of the Association, and to seek your feedback, which, with other matters discussed, is fed back to your Executive to address. Please do not underestimate the value of your contribution in these meetings. To be relevant and effective as an Association we have to know what you are thinking in order to be able to respond in an informed manner.

CPPA has received a number of requests for Association representatives to be on work parties. CEWA acknowledges this requires commitment above and beyond a principal’s daily work, but it is seen as an investment in the future of our schools. Every person who has been invited to represent CPPA has willingly agreed to do so, and to them I sincerely thank you for your support.

More invitations will come our way, and I am very keen to hear from you if you have particular interest and/or skills that you would like to share. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

The CPPA has direct representation on two national principal groups – the Australian Catholic Primary Principals Association (ACPPA) and the Australian Primary Principals Association (APPA). APPA is the peak national professional association for primary school principals in Australia and will celebrate their national conference in our state this year. ACPPA have coordinated national feedback sessions to ensure they represent Catholic Principals across Australia. We will enjoy a social event at The Royal in East Perth, with our Catholic national principals, during the APPA conference this year. This function will be held on Wednesday 19thSeptember.

There are three significant events that are part of the CPPA calendar that are held to assist us to build networks and connections with each other and to contribute to our professional learning.

Two Members days will be held this year. The first Members day on the 25th May, at
Rendezvous Scarborough, will be dedicated to support Principals in workplace matters. The second Members day on the 31st August, at the Botanical Function Room located at Crown, is coordinated in direct response to feedback from our conference last year and follows on with our session with Simon Breakspear. We will invite past principals to this Members Day to join current members for lunch at the Epicurean Restaurant. The APPA Conference on the 18th- 21stSeptember, at the Crown Casino, has four members of the CPPA Executive on the planning committee. I strongly encourage you to participate in these three major events. For your convenience the link to book accommodation at The Crown is below:

The Crown Accommodation Link for 2018 APPA Conference

I encourage members to support our sponsors. The sponsors deserve our attention and
opportunity to be considered when undertaking any work or adding services in our respective schools. The website provides links to the many sponsors we have and should serve as the starting point when considering your schools equipment and service requirements. Sponsors will be available to speak, during the breaks, at the Members Day held on 25th May.

Finally, Maureen Barrett is the point of contact for co-ordinating pastoral care outreach to members and Mark Powell is the contact person for Professional Development applications. Funds are available for members or regional groups interested in developing their skills and leadership capacities across many different areas of principalship. It was heartening to see regions embracing this opportunity in 2017.

I wish you all a rewarding 2018 and encourage you to make the most of your Regional meetings, in keeping the Executive informed, on how to serve you best.
From your CPPA Executive, we pray for you and your families and loved ones, a blessed and hope-filled Easter.

Yours sincerely

Pina Hutcheson
CPPA President 2018

CPPA Executive Regional Liaison Director Alignment
Pina Hutcheson (President) Debra Sayce

CEWA Acting Executive Director

Ed Simons
Director, Governance &
Administration Services

Toni Kalat

(Vice President & ACPPA Representative)

Gabrielle Doyle

Director, Teaching and Learning

Mark Powell

(Vice President Professional Development)

Debra Sayce

CEWA Acting Executive Director

Peter Yensch
CEWA Deputy Director

Peter Cutrona

(Treasurer, North Eastern, APPA Representative & CPPA Website)

Gerry Doyle

Director, Finance, Planning & School Resources

Laurie Bechelli

(2019 Conference) Central

Ed Simons

Director, Governance &
Administrative Services

Maureen Barrett

(Pastoral Care)


Gabrielle Doyle

Director, Teaching and Learning

Art Lombardi

(2018 Sponsorship)


Donna O’Hara
Director, Community
Engagement & Employees
Steve Gibbs South Western Gerry Doyle

Director, Finance, Planning &
School Resources

Mark Marando North Coastal Donna O’Hara
Director, Community
Engagement & Employees
Annette Quirk Bunbury/ Western Tony Curry

Director, School Improvement

Sandro Coniglio

Northam, Goomalling  South Eastern, Moora

Tony Curry

Director, School Improvement

Chris Dunning GEMS
Lyla Forte Kimberly Schools